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Zechariah 11:10 CPDV

Zech 11:10 CPDV, Zec 11:10 CPDV, Zc 11:10 CPDV, Zechariah 11 10 CPDV

Zechariah 11:10 CPDV

8  And I cut down three shepherds in one month. And my soul became contracted concerning them, just as their soul also varied concerning me.

9  And I said: I will not pasture you. Whatever dies, let it die. And whatever is cut down, let it be cut down. And let the rest of them devour, each one the flesh of his neighbor.

10  And I took my staff, which was called Handsome, and I tore it apart, so as to invalidate my pact, which I had struck with all of the people.

11  And it became invalid in that day. And so they understood, just like the poor of the flock who stay close to me, that this is the word of the Lord.

12  And I said to them: If it is good in your eyes, bring me my wages. And if not, remain still. And they weighed for my wages thirty silver coins.

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