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Zechariah - CPDV

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The Book of Zechariah - CPDV

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The Book of Zechariah CPDV summary

Purpose of The Book of Zechariah:
The restored community should remain faithful to the Davidic program despite disappointments because God will one day bring it to full realization. The reconstruction has stopped (Ezra 4:24) and the people were in need of exhortation (Ezra 5:1). Zechariah is telling his audience, “Those who returned to the land before you acknowledged their need to repent and moved forward; you must continue for you have the same need.” To reassure God's people that the injustices in the world will be rectified by God's messiah - a deliverer-king that God will send to accomplish all the promises that He has given to His people.

Summary of The Book of Zechariah:
Zechariah deals with Israel's complaint that they have experienced God's chastisement for their sin, but the surrounding nations have gone unpunished. Zechariah assures them that the other nations will indeed experience God's wrath and Israel will be vindicated. The people have questions concerning religious practices (especially fasting) in light of their new life in the Promised Land, and Zechariah advises them on the purpose of the law and religious duties. In order to inspire the Israelites and give them hope, Zechariah describes in remarkable detail the coming King who would bring full blessing and freedom to God's people.

Author and Dates of The Book of Zechariah:
Zechariah ministered during the same time period as Haggai, about 20 years after the Israelites were released from their captivity in Babylon, around 520 - 518 B.C.

Outline of The Book of Zechariah:

  1. Message about temple reconstruction: Zechariah’s exhortations to Joshua and Zerubbabel about protection and success came true according to obedience (ch. 1 - 8).
    • Call to Repentance (ch. 1:1 - 1:6).
    • Visions (ch. 1:7 - 6:8).
    • Priestly Ruler: Crowning of Joshua (ch. 6:9 - 6:15).
  2. Message about Israel’s future trials and her future King/restoration (ch. 9 - 14).
    • Trust Zechariah’s visions of the future as God unfolds trials and eventual glory through the coming king.
    • Coming and Rejection of Messiah (ch. 9 - 11).
    • Coming and Redemption of Messiah (ch. 12 - 14).

Themes of The Book of Zechariah:
Messiah: Zechariah focuses on a political / religious leader who will deliver Israel from all her sins, troubles, and enemies, and is quoted in several places throughout the passion narratives of the gospels as well as in the book of Revelation.
God’s Spirit: The book of Zechariah reminds us that God’s presence by his Spirit is at the heart of the restored people of God.

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