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Romans 14:18 CPDV

Rom 14:18 CPDV, Ro 14:18 CPDV, Rm 14:18 CPDV, Romans 14 18 CPDV

Romans 14:18 CPDV

16  Therefore, what is good for us should not be a cause of blasphemy.

17  For the kingdom of God is not food and drink, but rather justice and peace and joy, in the Holy Spirit.

18  For he who serves Christ in this, pleases God and is proven before men.

19  And so, let us pursue the things that are of peace, and let us keep to the things that are for the edification of one another.

20  Do not be willing to destroy the work of God because of food. Certainly, all things are clean. But there is harm for a man who offends by eating.

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