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Psalms 96:5 CPDV

Pslm 96:5 CPDV, Ps 96:5 CPDV, Psa 96:5 CPDV, Psm 96:5 CPDV, Pss 96:5 CPDV, Psalms 96 5 CPDV, Psalm 96 5 CPDV

Psalms 96:5 CPDV

3  A fire will precede him, and it will enflame his enemies all around.

4  His lightnings have enlightened the whole world.The earth saw, and it was shaken.

5  The mountains flowed like wax before the face of the Lord,before the face of the Lord of all the earth.

6  The heavens announced his justice, and all peoples saw his glory.

7  May all those who adore graven images be confounded,along with those who glory in their false images.All you his Angels: Adore him.

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