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Psalms 88:4 CPDV

Pslm 88:4 CPDV, Ps 88:4 CPDV, Psa 88:4 CPDV, Psm 88:4 CPDV, Pss 88:4 CPDV, Psalms 88 4 CPDV, Psalm 88 4 CPDV

Psalms 88:4 CPDV

2  I will sing the mercies of the Lord in eternity.I will announce your truth with my mouth, from generation to generation.

3  For you have said: Mercy will be built in the heavens, unto eternity.Your truth will be prepared there.

4  I have set up a covenant with my elect.I have sworn to David my servant:

5  I will prepare your offspring, even in eternity.And I will build up your throne, from generation to generation.

6  The heavens will confess your miracles, Lord,and also your truth, in the Church of the saints.

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