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Psalms 56:7 CPDV

Pslm 56:7 CPDV, Ps 56:7 CPDV, Psa 56:7 CPDV, Psm 56:7 CPDV, Pss 56:7 CPDV, Psalms 56 7 CPDV, Psalm 56 7 CPDV

Psalms 56:7 CPDV

5  And he has rescued my soul from the midst of the young lions.I slept troubled. The sons of men:their teeth are weapons and arrows, and their tongue is a sharp sword.

6  Be exalted above the heavens, O God,and your glory above all the earth.

7  They prepared a snare for my feet, and they bowed down my soul.They dug a pit before my face, yet they have fallen into it.

8  My heart is prepared, O God, my heart is prepared.I will sing, and I will compose a psalm.

9  Rise up, my glory. Rise up, psaltery and harp.I will arise in early morning.

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