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Psalms 3 CPDV

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Psalms 3 CPDV

1 A Psalm of David. When he fled from the face of his son, Absalom.

2 Lord, why have those who trouble me been multiplied?Many rise up against me.

3 Many say to my soul,'There is no salvation for him in his God.'Pause

4 But you, Lord, are my supporter,my glory, and the one who raises up my head.

5 I have cried out to the Lord with my voice,and he has heard me from his holy mountain.Pause

6 I have slept, and I have been stupefied.But I awakened because the Lord has taken me up.

7 I will not fear the thousands of people surrounding me.Rise up, Lord. Save me, my God.

8 For you have struck all those who oppose me without cause.You have broken the teeth of sinners.

9 Salvation is of the Lord,and your blessing is upon your people.Pause

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