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Numbers 19:10 CPDV

Num 19:10 CPDV, Nu 19:10 CPDV, Nm 19:10 CPDV, Nb 19:10 CPDV, Numbers 19 10 CPDV

Numbers 19:10 CPDV

8  Then he also who had burned it shall wash his garments and his body, and he shall be unclean until evening.

9  Then a clean man shall gather the ashes of the cow, and he shall pour them out beyond the camp, in a very pure place, so that they may be preserved for the multitude of the sons of Israel, and for the water of aspersion, because the cow was burned for sin.

10  And when he who had carried the ashes of the cow will have washed his garments, he shall be unclean until evening. The sons of Israel, and the newcomers who live among them, shall have this as a holy and perpetual right.

11  Whoever touches the corpse of a man, and is, because of this, unclean for seven days,

12  shall be sprinkled from this water on the third and seventh days, and so shall he be cleansed. But if he was not sprinkled on the third day, he is not able to be cleansed on the seventh.

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