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Nehemiah 2:6 CPDV

Neh 2:6 CPDV, Ne 2:6 CPDV, Nehemiah 2 6 CPDV

Nehemiah 2:6 CPDV

4  And the king said to me: 'What would you request?' And I prayed to the God of heaven.

5  And I said to the king: 'If it seems good to the king, and if your servant is pleasing before your face: that you would send me into Judea, to the city of the sepulcher of my father. And I will rebuild it.'

6  And the king said to me, with the queen who was sitting beside him: 'Until what time will your journey be, and when will you return?' And it was pleasing before the countenance of the king, and so he sent me. And I established a time for him.

7  And I said to the king: 'If it seems good to the king, may he give me letters to the governors of the region beyond the river, so that they may lead me through, until I arrive in Judea,

8  and a letter to Asaph, the keeper of the king's forest, so that he may give me timber, in order that I may be able to cover the gates of the tower of the house, and the walls of the city, and the house that I will enter.' And the king granted to me in accord with the good hand of my God, who is with me.

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