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Lamentations 4:16 CPDV

Lam 4:16 CPDV, La 4:16 CPDV, Lamentations 4 16 CPDV

Lamentations 4:16 CPDV

14  NUN. They have wandered in the streets like the blind; they have been defiled with blood. And when they were not able, they held their garments.

15  SAMECH. 'Go back, you polluted ones!' they cried out to them. 'Go back, go away, do not touch!' Of course, they argued, and being removed, they said among the Gentiles, 'He will no longer dwell among them.'

16  PHE. The face of the Lord has divided them. He will no longer respect them. They were not ashamed before the faces of the priests, nor did they take pity on the elderly.

17  AIN. While we were still standing, our eyes failed, expecting help for us in vain, when we looked attentively toward a nation that was not able to save.

18  SADE. Our footsteps have slipped on the paths of our own streets. Our end draws near. Our days have been completed, for our end has arrived.

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