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Judges 16:6 CPDV

Judg 16:6 CPDV, Jdg 16:6 CPDV, Jg 16:6 CPDV, Jdgs 16:6 CPDV, Judges 16 6 CPDV

Judges 16:6 CPDV

4  After these things, he loved a woman who was living in the valley of Sorek. And she was called Delilah.

5  And the leaders of the Philistines went to her, and they said: 'Deceive him, and learn from him wherein lies his great strength, and how we may be able to overcome him and to impose restraints on him. And if you will do this, each one of us will give you one thousand one hundred silver coins.'

6  Therefore, Delilah said to Samson, 'Tell me, I beg you, wherein lies your very great strength, and with what might you be bound, so that you could not break free?'

7  And Samson answered her, 'If I will be bound with seven cords, made of sinews not yet dry, but still damp, I will be weak like other men.'

8  And the princes of the Philistines brought to her seven cords, such as he had described. And she bound him with these.

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