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Judges 15:17 CPDV

Judg 15:17 CPDV, Jdg 15:17 CPDV, Jg 15:17 CPDV, Jdgs 15:17 CPDV, Judges 15 17 CPDV

Judges 15:17 CPDV

15  And finding a jawbone which was laying there, that is, the jawbone of a donkey, snatching it up, he put to death a thousand men with it.

16  And he said, 'With the jawbone of a donkey, with the jaw of the colt of a donkey, I have destroyed them, and I have struck down a thousand men.'

17  And when he had completed these words, singing, he threw the jawbone from his hand. And called the name of that place Ramath-Lehi, which is translated as 'the elevation of the jawbone.'

18  And being very thirsty, he cried out to the Lord, and he said: 'You have given, to the hand of your servant, this very great salvation and victory. But see that I am dying of thirst, and so I will fall into the hands of the uncircumcised.'

19  And so the Lord opened a large tooth in the jawbone of the donkey, and water went out from it. And having drank it, his spirit was revived, and he recovered his strength. For this reason, the name of that place was called 'the Spring called forth from the jawbone,' even to the present day.

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