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Judges 15:10 CPDV

Judg 15:10 CPDV, Jdg 15:10 CPDV, Jg 15:10 CPDV, Jdgs 15:10 CPDV, Judges 15 10 CPDV

Judges 15:10 CPDV

8  And he struck them with a tremendous slaughter, so much so that, out of astonishment, they laid the calf of the leg upon the thigh. And descending, he lived in a cave of the rock at Etam.

9  And so the Philistines, ascending into the land of Judah, made camp at the place which was later called Lehi, that is, the Jawbone, where their army spread out.

10  And some from the tribe of Judah said to them, 'Why have you ascended against us?' And they responded, 'We have come to bind Samson, and to repay him for what he has done to us.'

11  Then three thousand men of Judah descended to the cave of the rock at Etam. And they said to Samson: 'Do you not know that the Philistines rule over us? Why would you want to do this?' And he said to them, 'As they have done to me, so I have done to them.'

12  And they said to him, 'We have come to bind you, and to deliver you into the hands of the Philistines.' And Samson said to them, 'Swear and promise to me that you will not kill me.'

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