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Judges 15:1 CPDV

Judg 15:1 CPDV, Jdg 15:1 CPDV, Jg 15:1 CPDV, Jdgs 15:1 CPDV, Judges 15 1 CPDV

Judges 15:1 CPDV

1  Then, after some time, when the days of the wheat harvest were near, Samson arrived, intending to visit his wife, and he brought her a kid from the goats. And when he wanted to enter her bedroom, as usual, her father prohibited him, saying:

2  'I thought that you would hate her, and therefore I gave her to your friend. But she has a sister, who is younger and more beautiful than she is. And she may be a wife for you, instead of her.'

3  And Samson answered him: 'From this day, there shall be no guilt for me against the Philistines. For I will do harm to you all.'

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