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Job 16:11 CPDV

Jb 16:11 CPDV, Job 16 11 CPDV

Job 16:11 CPDV

9  My wrinkles bear witness against me, and a liar rises up against my face, contradicting me.

10  He has gathered together his fury towards me, and, threatening me, he has roared against me with his teeth; my enemy has beheld me with terrible eyes.

11  They have opened their mouths against me, and, reproaching me, they have struck me on the cheek; they are nourished by my sufferings.

12  God has confined me with the immoral, and he has delivered me into the hands of the impious.

13  I, who once was wealthy, am now crushed. He has grabbed me by my neck; he has broken me and has placed me before him as a sign.

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