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Jeremiah 8:16 CPDV

Jer 8:16 CPDV, Je 8:16 CPDV, Jr 8:16 CPDV, Jeremiah 8 16 CPDV

Jeremiah 8:16 CPDV

14  'Why are we sitting still? Assemble, and let us enter the fortified city, and let us remain silent there. For the Lord our God has brought us to silence, and he has given us the water of gall as a drink. For we have sinned against the Lord.

15  We expected peace, but there was nothing good. We expected a time of health, and behold, dread.'

16  'From Dan, the snorting of his horses was heard; the entire land was shaken by the voice of the neighing of his fighters. And they arrived and devoured the land and its plenitude, the city and its inhabitants.

17  For behold, I will send among you serpents, king snakes, against which there is no charm, and they will bite you, says the Lord.

18  My sorrow is beyond sorrow; my heart mourns within me.

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