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Jeremiah 1:17 CPDV

Jer 1:17 CPDV, Je 1:17 CPDV, Jr 1:17 CPDV, Jeremiah 1 17 CPDV

Jeremiah 1:17 CPDV

15  For behold, I will call together all the close associates of the kingdoms of the north, says the Lord. And they will arrive, and each one of them will place his throne at the entrance to the gates of Jerusalem, and over all its surrounding walls, and over all the cities of Judah.

16  And I will speak my judgments with them, concerning all the wickedness of those who have forsaken me, and who have offered libations to strange gods, and who have adored the work of their own hands.

17  Therefore, you should gird your waist, and rise up, and speak to them everything that I instruct you. You should not have dread before their face. For I will cause you to be unafraid of their countenance.

18  For certainly, this day, I have made you like a fortified city, and an iron pillar, and a brass wall, over all the land, to the kings of Judah, to its leaders, and to the priests, and to the people of the land.

19  And they will make war against you, but they will not prevail. For I am with you, says the Lord, so that I may free you.'

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