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Isaiah 61:6 CPDV

Isa 61:6 CPDV, Is 61:6 CPDV, Isaiah 61 6 CPDV

Isaiah 61:6 CPDV

4  And they will rebuild the deserted places of past ages, and they will raise up the ruins of antiquity, and they will repair the desolate cities, which had been dissipated for generation after generation.

5  And foreigners will stand up and will pasture your flocks. And the sons of sojourners will be your farmers and the workers of your vineyards.

6  But you yourselves will be called the priests of the Lord. It will be said to you, 'You are the ministers of our God.' You will eat from the strength of the Gentiles, and you will pride yourself on their glory.

7  Instead of your double confusion and shame, they will praise their portion. Because of this, they will possess double in their land. Everlasting joy will be for them.

8  For I am the Lord, who loves judgment and who holds hatred for robbery within a burnt offering. And I will turn their work into truth, and I will forge a perpetual covenant with them.

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