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Isaiah 58:2 CPDV

Isa 58:2 CPDV, Is 58:2 CPDV, Isaiah 58 2 CPDV

Isaiah 58:2 CPDV

1  Cry out! Cease not! Exalt your voice like a trumpet, and announce to my people their wicked acts, and to the house of Jacob their sins.

2  For they also seek me, from day to day, and they are willing to know my ways, like a nation which has done justice and has not abandoned the judgment of their God. They petition me for judgments of justice. They are willing to draw near to God.

3  'Why have we fasted, and you have not taken notice? Why have we humbled our souls, and you have not acknowledged it?' Behold, in the day of your fasting, your own will is found, and you petition for payment from all your debtors.

4  Behold, you fast with strife and contention, and you strike with the fist impiously. Do not choose to fast as you have done even to this day. Then your outcry will be heard on high.

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