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Isaiah 57:7 CPDV

Isa 57:7 CPDV, Is 57:7 CPDV, Isaiah 57 7 CPDV

Isaiah 57:7 CPDV

5  who are being consoled by idols under every leafy tree, immolating little children at the torrents, under the high rocks?

6  Your portion is in the currents of the torrent; this is your lot! And you yourselves have poured out libations to them; you have offered sacrifice. Should I not be angry over these things?

7  Upon a high and lofty mountain, you have placed your bed, and you have ascended to that place to immolate victims.

8  And behind the door, and beyond the post, you have set up your memorial. For you uncovered yourself next to me, and you received an adulterer. You widened your bed, and you formed a pact with them. You loved their bed with an open hand.

9  And you have adorned yourself for the king with ointments, and you have increased your cosmetics. You have sent your representatives to distant places, and you have debased yourself all the way to Hell.

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