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Isaiah 57:4 CPDV

Isa 57:4 CPDV, Is 57:4 CPDV, Isaiah 57 4 CPDV

Isaiah 57:4 CPDV

2  Let peace arrive. Let he who has walked in his righteousness find rest on his bed.

3  But come here, you sons of the prophetess, you offspring of an adulterous man and a fornicating woman.

4  Whom are you mocking? Against whom have you opened your mouth wide and wagged your tongue? Are you not sons of wickedness, a lying offspring,

5  who are being consoled by idols under every leafy tree, immolating little children at the torrents, under the high rocks?

6  Your portion is in the currents of the torrent; this is your lot! And you yourselves have poured out libations to them; you have offered sacrifice. Should I not be angry over these things?

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