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Isaiah 57:18 CPDV

Isa 57:18 CPDV, Is 57:18 CPDV, Isaiah 57 18 CPDV

Isaiah 57:18 CPDV

16  For I will not contend unceasingly, and I will not be angry to the end. For I will exhale my breath, and the Spirit will go forth from my face.

17  Because of the iniquity of his avarice, I was angry, and I struck him down. I concealed my face from you, and I was angry. And he went astray by wandering in his heart.

18  I saw his ways, and I healed him, and I led him back again, and I restored consolations to him and to those who mourn for him.

19  I created the fruit of the lips: peace, peace to him who is far away, and peace to him who is near, said the Lord, and I healed him.

20  But the impious are like the raging sea, which is not able to be quieted, and its waves stir up dirt and mud.

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