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Hosea 9:8 CPDV

Hos 9:8 CPDV, Ho 9:8 CPDV, Hosea 9 8 CPDV

Hosea 9:8 CPDV

6  For, behold, they have been sent away by devastation. Egypt will gather them together; Memphis will bury them. Nettles will inherit their desired silver; the burr will be in their tabernacles.

7  The days of visitation have arrived; the days of retribution are here. Know this, Israel: that the prophet was foolish, the spiritual man was mad, because of the multitude of your iniquities and the great extent of your foolishness.

8  The watcher of Ephraim was with my God. The prophet has become a snare of ruin over all his ways; insanity is in the house of his God.

9  They have sinned profoundly, just as in the days of Gibeah. He will remember their iniquity, and he will repay their sin.

10  I discovered Israel like grapes in the desert. Like the first fruits of the fig tree, I saw their fathers on the end of its branches. But they went in to Baal-peor, and they have been estranged by intermingling, and they have become abominable, just like the things that they chose to love.

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