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Hosea 10:9 CPDV

Hos 10:9 CPDV, Ho 10:9 CPDV, Hosea 10 9 CPDV

Hosea 10:9 CPDV

7  Samaria has required her king to pass by, like foam on the face of the water.

8  And the heights of the idol, the sin of Israel, will be utterly destroyed. The burr and the thistle will rise up over their altars. And they will say to the mountains, 'Cover us,' and to the hills, 'Fall on us.'

9  From the days of Gibeah, Israel has sinned; in this, they remained firm. The battle in Gibeah against the sons of iniquity will not take hold of them.

10  According to my desire, I will correct them. And the peoples will be gathered together over them, while they are chastised for their two iniquities.

11  Ephraim is a heifer that has been taught to love treading out the grain, but I passed over the beauty of her neck. I will rise over Ephraim. Judah will plough; Jacob will break up the soil for himself.

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