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Habakkuk - CPDV


The Book of Habakkuk - CPDV

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The Book of Habakkuk CPDV summary

Purpose of The Book of Habakkuk:
Judah should learn how to react to Babylonian troubles through Habakkuk’s experience. To encourage God's people to live by faith, not by sight, and not to compromise their beliefs in order to conform with what seems to fit the circumstances.

Summary of The Book of Habakkuk:
Habakkuk laments to God that Judah has turned away from His commandments, and wonders why there is no justice in the land, and no punishment for wickedness. God responds by telling Habakkuk that justice will come through the Chaldeans, who were poised to overthrow Judah. This causes Habakkuk to lament again, because he does not understand why the Chaldeans, a people even more wicked than Israel, would be given such a victory. God calls Habakkuk to have faith in Him, that Israel will in time be restored unto righteousness and their enemies would be punished, which causes Habakkuk to break into a song of faith and praise.

Author and Dates of The Book of Habakkuk:
Habakkuk ministered to the Southern Kingdom just before the exile, when their unrepentant sinfulness was at its height, around 625-604 B.C.

Outline of The Book of Habakkuk:

  1. Habakkuk Complains and God responds.
    • Lament and response concerning Judah (ch. 1:1 - 1:11).
    • Exile is because of evil and rebellion.
  2. Habakkuk Complains and God’s Oracles against Judah’s oppressors.
    • Lament and response concerning Babylon (ch. 1:12 - 2:20).
    • Take joy in or hope for future defeat of enemies (Babylon).
  3. Psalm of Faith.
    • Prayer, praise, and submission (ch. 3:1 - 3:19).
    • Trust God under Babylonian troubles.

Themes of The Book of Habakkuk:
Righteousness: God does not dole out blessings and punishments based on every person's level of righteousness at any point in time. Rather He always acts in such a way as to purify His people and conform them to His righteousness.
Faith: One of the Apostle Paul's favorite bible verses is Habakkuk 2:4, "The righteous shall live by faith." Habakkuk and Paul found strength to persevere on the same principle: live by faith in God's promises, not by what you see in the world.
God is a Redeemer: God who will bring about the deliverance of his people, while they live in hope and trust in him alone.

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