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Genesis 6:21 CPDV

Gen 6:21 CPDV, Ge 6:21 CPDV, Gn 6:21 CPDV, Genesis 6 21 CPDV

Genesis 6:21 CPDV

19  And from every living thing of all that is flesh, you shall lead pairs into the ark, so that they may survive with you: from the male sex and the female,

20  from birds, according to their kind, and from beasts, in their kind, and from among all animals on earth, according to their kind; pairs from each shall enter with you, so that they may be able to live.

21  Therefore, you shall take with you from all the foods that are able to be eaten, and you shall carry these with you. And these shall be used as food, some for you, and the rest for them.'

22  And so Noah did all things just as God had instructed him.

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