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Genesis 50:13 CPDV

Gen 50:13 CPDV, Ge 50:13 CPDV, Gn 50:13 CPDV, Genesis 50 13 CPDV

Genesis 50:13 CPDV

11  And when the inhabitants of the land of Canaan had seen this, they said, 'This is a great Lamentation for the Egyptians.' And for this reason, the name of that place was called, 'The Lamentation of Egypt.'

12  And so, the sons of Jacob did just as he had instructed them.

13  And carrying him into the land of Canaan, they buried him in the double cave, which Abraham had bought along with its field, from Ephron the Hittite, as a possession for burial, opposite Mamre.

14  And Joseph returned into Egypt with his brothers and all those of his company, having buried his father.

15  Now that he was dead, his brothers were afraid, and they said to one another: 'Perhaps now he may remember the injury that he suffered and requite us for all the evil that we did to him.'

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