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Genesis 46:11 CPDV

Gen 46:11 CPDV, Ge 46:11 CPDV, Gn 46:11 CPDV, Genesis 46 11 CPDV

Genesis 46:11 CPDV

9  The sons of Reuben: Hanoch and Pallu, and Hezron and Carmi.

10  The sons of Simeon: Jemuel and Jamin and Ohad, and Jachin and Zohar, and Shaul, the son of a Canaanite woman.

11  The sons of Levi: Gershon and Kohath, and Merari.

12  The sons of Judah: Er and Onan, and Shelah, and Perez and Zerah. Now Er and Onan died in the land of Canaan. And sons were born to Perez: Hezron and Hamul.

13  The sons of Issachar: Tola and Puvah, and Job and Shimron.

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