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Genesis 33:15 CPDV

Gen 33:15 CPDV, Ge 33:15 CPDV, Gn 33:15 CPDV, Genesis 33 15 CPDV

Genesis 33:15 CPDV

13  And Jacob said: 'My lord, you know that I have with me tender little ones, and sheep, and cows with young. If I cause these to labor too much in walking, all the flocks will die in one day.

14  May it please my lord to go before his servant. And I will follow gradually in his steps, as much as I see my little ones to be able, until I arrive to my lord in Seir.'

15  Esau responded, 'I beg you, that at least some of the people who are with me may remain to accompany you on the way.' But he said, 'There is no need. I have need of one thing only: to find favor in your sight, my lord.'

16  And so Esau returned that day, by the way that he had arrived, to Seir.

17  And Jacob went to Succoth, where, having built a house and pitched tents, he called the name of that place Succoth, that is, 'Tents.'

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