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Genesis 13:7 CPDV

Gen 13:7 CPDV, Ge 13:7 CPDV, Gn 13:7 CPDV, Genesis 13 7 CPDV

Genesis 13:7 CPDV

5  But Lot also, who was with Abram, had flocks of sheep, and cattle, and tents.

6  Neither was the land able to contain them, so that they might dwell together. Indeed, their substance was so great that they could not live in common.

7  And then there also arose a conflict between the shepherds of Abram and of Lot. Now at that time the Canaanite and the Perizzite lived in that land.

8  Therefore, Abram said to Lot: 'I ask you, let there be no quarrel between me and you, and between my shepherds and your shepherds. For we are brothers.

9  Behold, the entire land is before your eyes. Withdraw from me, I beg you. If you will go to the left, I will take the right. If you choose the right, I will pass to the left.'

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