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Ezekiel 42 CPDV

Ezek 42 CPDV, Eze 42 CPDV, Ezk 42 CPDV, Ezekiel 42 CPDV

Ezekiel 42 CPDV

1 And he led me into the outer court by the way that leads to the north, and he led me into the storeroom that was opposite the separate edifice, and opposite the shrine that verges toward the north.

2 The length of the face of the north gate was one hundred cubits, and the width was fifty cubits.

3 Opposite the twenty cubits of the interior court, and opposite the layer of pavement stones in the outer court, in that place, there was a portico joined to a triple portico.

4 And before the storerooms, there was a walkway of ten cubits in width, looking toward the interior along a way of one cubit. And their doors were toward the north.

5 In that place, there were storerooms in the upper part of the lower level. For they supported the porticos, which projected from them out of the lower level, and out of the middle of the building.

6 For they were of three levels, and they did not have pillars, as they were like the pillars of the courts. Because of this, they projected from the lower levels and from the middle, fifty cubits from the ground.

7 And the exterior enclosing wall, adjacent to the storerooms that were along the way of the exterior court in front of the storerooms, was fifty cubits long.

8 For the length of the storerooms of the exterior court was fifty cubits, and the length before the face of the temple was one hundred cubits.

9 And under these storerooms, there was an entrance from the east, for those who were entering into it from the outer court.

10 In the width of the enclosing wall of the court that was opposite the way of the east, at the face of the separate edifice, there were also storerooms, before the edifice.

11 And the way before their face was in accord with the form of the storerooms which were along the way of the north. As was their length, so also was their width. And the entire entrance, and the likenesses, and their doors

12 were in accord with the doors of the storerooms that were on the way looking toward the Renown. There was a door at the head of the way, and the way was before a separate vestibule, along the way entering toward the east.

13 And he said to me: 'The storerooms of the north, and the storerooms of the south, which are before the separate edifice, these are holy storerooms, in which the priests, who draw near to the Lord in the Holy of Holies, shall eat. There they shall station the Holy of Holies, and the offering for sin, and for trespasses. For it is a holy place.

14 And when the priests will have entered, they shall not depart from the holy places into the outer court. And in that place, they shall set their vestments, in which they minister, for they are holy. And they shall be clothed with other vestments, and in this manner they shall go forth to the people.'

15 And when he had completed measuring the inner house, he led me out along the way of the gate that looked toward the way of the east. And he measured it on every side all around.

16 Then he measured facing the east wind with the measuring reed: five hundred reeds with the measuring reed throughout the course.

17 And he measured facing the wind of the north: five hundred reeds with the measuring reed throughout the course.

18 And toward the south wind, he measured five hundred reeds with the measuring reed throughout the course.

19 And toward the west wind, he measured five hundred reeds with the measuring reed.

20 By the four winds, he measured its wall, on every side throughout the course: five hundred cubits in length and five hundred cubits in width, dividing between the sanctuary and the place of the common people.

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