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Ezekiel 14:11 CPDV

Ezek 14:11 CPDV, Eze 14:11 CPDV, Ezk 14:11 CPDV, Ezekiel 14 11 CPDV

Ezekiel 14:11 CPDV

9  And when a prophet has gone astray and has spoken a word: I, the Lord, have deceived that prophet. And I will extend my hand over him, and I will wipe him away from the midst of my people, Israel.

10  And they shall bear their iniquity. In accord with the iniquity of the one who inquires, so shall the iniquity of the prophet be.

11  So may the house of Israel no longer go astray from me, nor be polluted by all their transgressions. Instead, may they be my people, and may I be their God, says the Lord of hosts.'

12  And the word of the Lord came to me, saying:

13  'Son of man, when a land will have sinned against me, so that it transgresses grievously, I will extend my hand over it, and I will crush the staff of its bread. And I will send a famine upon it, and I will destroy from it both man and beast.

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