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Exodus 27:3 CPDV

Exo 27:3 CPDV, Ex 27:3 CPDV, Exod 27:3 CPDV, Exodus 27 3 CPDV

Exodus 27:3 CPDV

1  'You shall also make an altar of setim wood, which will have five cubits in length, and the same in width, that is, four equal sides, and three cubits in height.

2  Now there shall be horns at the four corners of it, and you shall cover it with brass.

3  And you shall make, for its uses, pans to receive the ashes, and tongs as well as small hooks, and receptacles for fire. You shall fabricate all of its vessels from brass,

4  along with a grating of brass in the manner of a net. At its four corners there shall be four rings of brass,

5  which you shall place under the base of the altar. And the grating will extend even to the middle of the altar.

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