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Exodus 27:21 CPDV

Exo 27:21 CPDV, Ex 27:21 CPDV, Exod 27:21 CPDV, Exodus 27 21 CPDV

Exodus 27:21 CPDV

19  All the vessels of the tabernacle, for all uses and ceremonies, even to the tent pegs for its atrium, you shall make of brass.

20  Instruct the sons of Israel so that they may bring you the purest oil of the olive trees, crushed with a pestle, so that a lamp may always burn

21  in the tabernacle of the testimony, outside of the veil that enshrouds the testimony. And Aaron and his sons shall arrange it, so that it may give light in the presence of the Lord, until morning. This shall be a perpetual observance among the sons of Israel, throughout their successions.'

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