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Esther 6:9 CPDV

Esth 6:9 CPDV, Es 6:9 CPDV, Esther 6 9 CPDV

Esther 6:9 CPDV

7  answered, 'The man whom the king wishes to honor,

8  ought to be clothed with the king's apparel, and be set upon the horse that the king rides, and receive the royal crown upon his head.

9  And let the first of the king's rulers and sovereigns hold his horse, and, as they advance through the street of the city, proclaim before him and say, 'Thus shall he be honored, whom the king decides to honor.'

10  And the king said to him, 'Hurry, take the robe and the horse, and do as you have said to Mordecai the Jew, who sits in front of the gate of the palace. Be careful not to omit any of those things which you have mentioned.'

11  And so Haman took the robe and the horse, and arraying Mordecai in the street of the city, and setting him on the horse, he went before him and cried out, 'He is worthy of this honor, whom the king has decided to honor.'

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