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Esther 6:3 CPDV

Esth 6:3 CPDV, Es 6:3 CPDV, Esther 6 3 CPDV

Esther 6:3 CPDV

1  The king passed that night without sleep, and so he ordered the histories and chronicles of former times to be brought to him. And when they were reading them before him,

2  they came to that place where it had been written, how Mordecai had reported the treachery of Bigthan and Teresh the eunuchs, who desired to cut the throat of king Artaxerxes.

3  When the king had heard this, he said, 'What honor and reward has Mordecai been given for this fidelity?' His servants and ministers said to him, 'He has received no compensation at all.'

4  And immediately the king said, 'Who is in the atrium?' For, you see, Haman was entering the inner atrium of the king's house to suggest to the king that he should order Mordecai to be hanged on the gallows, which had been prepared for him.

5  The servants answered, 'Haman is standing in the atrium.' And the king said, 'Let him enter.'

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