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Esther 2:22 CPDV

Esth 2:22 CPDV, Es 2:22 CPDV, Esther 2 22 CPDV

Esther 2:22 CPDV

20  Esther had not yet declared her native land and her people, according to his command. For whatever he instructed, Esther observed. And so she did all things as she had become accustomed in the time when he raised her from early childhood.

21  Therefore, at that time, when Mordecai was staying at the king's gate, Bagatha and Thara, two of the king's eunuchs, who were gatekeepers and who presided over the first entryway of the palace, were angry, and they decided to rise up against the king and kill him.

22  But Mordecai did not keep this secret, and immediately he reported it to queen Esther, and she reported it to the king in Mordecai's name, who had brought the matter to her.

23  It was inquired into and discovered, and they were both hanged on a gallows. And it was committed to the histories and the chronicles which are delivered in the sight of the king.

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