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Ecclesiastes 4:16 CPDV

Eccles 4:16 CPDV, Ec 4:16 CPDV, Qoh 4:16 CPDV, Qoheleth 4:16 CPDV, Ecclesiastes 4 16 CPDV

Ecclesiastes 4:16 CPDV

14  For sometimes, one goes forth from prison and chains, to a kingdom, while another, born to kingly power, is consumed by need.

15  I saw all the living who are walking under the sun, and I saw the next generation, who shall rise up in their places.

16  The number of people, out of all who existed before these, is boundless. And those who will exist afterwards shall not rejoice in them. But this, too, is emptiness and an affliction of the spirit.

17  Guard your foot, when you step into the house of God, and draw near, so that you may listen. For obedience is much better than the sacrifices of the foolish, who do not know the evil that they are doing.

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