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Ecclesiastes 3:11 CPDV

Eccles 3:11 CPDV, Ec 3:11 CPDV, Qoh 3:11 CPDV, Qoheleth 3:11 CPDV, Ecclesiastes 3 11 CPDV

Ecclesiastes 3:11 CPDV

9  What more does a man have from his labor?

10  I have seen the affliction that God has given to the sons of men, in order that they may be occupied by it.

11  He has made all things good in their time, and he has handed over the world to their disputes, so that man may not discover the work which God made from the beginning, even until the end.

12  And I realize that there is nothing better than to rejoice, and to do well in this life.

13  For this is a gift from God: when each man eats and drinks, and sees the good results of his labor.

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