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Ecclesiastes 10:8 CPDV

Eccles 10:8 CPDV, Ec 10:8 CPDV, Qoh 10:8 CPDV, Qoheleth 10:8 CPDV, Ecclesiastes 10 8 CPDV

Ecclesiastes 10:8 CPDV

6  a foolish man appointed to a high dignity, and the rich sitting beneath him.

7  I have seen servants on horses, and princes walking on the ground like servants.

8  Whoever digs a pit will fall into it. And whoever tears apart a hedge, a snake will bite him.

9  Whoever carries away stones will be harmed by them. And whoever cuts down trees will be wounded by them.

10  If the iron is dull, and if it was not that way before, but has been made dull by much labor, then it will be sharpened. And wisdom will follow after diligence.

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