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Ecclesiastes 1:12 CPDV

Eccles 1:12 CPDV, Ec 1:12 CPDV, Qoh 1:12 CPDV, Qoheleth 1:12 CPDV, Ecclesiastes 1 12 CPDV

Ecclesiastes 1:12 CPDV

10  There is nothing new under the sun. Neither is anyone able to say: 'Behold, this is new!' For it has already been brought forth in the ages that were before us.

11  There is no remembrance of the former things. Indeed, neither shall there be any record of past things in the future, for those who will exist at the very end.

12  I, Ecclesiastes, was king of Israel at Jerusalem.

13  And I was determined in my mind to seek and to investigate wisely, concerning all that is done under the sun. God has given this very difficult task to the sons of men, so that they may be occupied by it.

14  I have seen all that is done under the sun, and behold: all is emptiness and an affliction of the spirit.

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