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Daniel 4:28 CPDV

Dan 4:28 CPDV, Da 4:28 CPDV, Dn 4:28 CPDV, Daniel 4 28 CPDV

Daniel 4:28 CPDV

26  After the end of twelve months, he was taking a walk in the palace of Babylon.

27  And the king spoke out loud, saying, “Isn''t this the great Babylon, which I have built, as the home of the kingdom, by the strength of my power and in the glory of my excellence?”

28  And while the words were still in the king''s mouth, a voice rushed down from heaven, “To you, O king Nebuchadnezzar, it is said: ''Your kingdom will be taken away from you,

29  and they will expel you from among men, and your dwelling will be with the beasts and the wild animals. You will eat hay like an ox, and seven times will pass over you, until you know that the Supreme One rules in the kingdom of men, and he gives it to whomever he wills.'' ”

30  The same hour, the sentence was fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar, and he was driven away from among men, and he ate hay like an ox, and his body was drenched with the dew of heaven, until his hair increased like the feathers of eagles, and his nails like those of birds.

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