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Daniel 1:15 CPDV

Dan 1:15 CPDV, Da 1:15 CPDV, Dn 1:15 CPDV, Daniel 1 15 CPDV

Daniel 1:15 CPDV

13  and then observe our faces, and the faces of the children who eat the king's food, and then deal with your servants according to what you see.'

14  When he had heard these words, he tested them for ten days.

15  But, after ten days, their faces appeared better and fatter than all the children who had eaten from the king's food.

16  Thereafter, Malasar took away their portions and their wine for drinking, and he gave them roots.

17  Yet, to these children, God gave knowledge and instruction in every book, and wisdom, but to Daniel, also the understanding of all visions and dreams.

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