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2 Samuel 23:4 CPDV

2 Sam 23:4 CPDV, 2 Sa 23:4 CPDV, 2S 23:4 CPDV, II Sa 23:4 CPDV, 2 Sm 23:4 CPDV, 2Sa 23:4 CPDV, II Sam 23:4 CPDV, 2Sam 23:4 CPDV, II Samuel 23:4 CPDV, 2Samuel 23:4 CPDV, 2nd Samuel 23:4 CPDV, Second Samuel 23:4 CPDV, 2 Samuel 23 4 CPDV

2 Samuel 23:4 CPDV

2  'The Spirit of the Lord has spoken through me, and his word was spoken through my tongue.

3  The God of Israel spoke to me, the Strong One of Israel spoke, the Ruler of men, the Just Ruler, in the fear of God,

4  like the first light of the morning as the sun is rising, when a morning without clouds glows red, and like plants springing forth from the earth after a rainfall.

5  But my house is not so great with God that he should undertake an eternal covenant with me, firm and fortified in all things. For he is the entirety of my salvation and the entirety of my will. And there is nothing of this which will not spring forth.

6  But all prevaricators shall be plucked out like thorns, yet they are not taken away by hands.

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