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2 Samuel 23:1 CPDV

2 Sam 23:1 CPDV, 2 Sa 23:1 CPDV, 2S 23:1 CPDV, II Sa 23:1 CPDV, 2 Sm 23:1 CPDV, 2Sa 23:1 CPDV, II Sam 23:1 CPDV, 2Sam 23:1 CPDV, II Samuel 23:1 CPDV, 2Samuel 23:1 CPDV, 2nd Samuel 23:1 CPDV, Second Samuel 23:1 CPDV, 2 Samuel 23 1 CPDV

2 Samuel 23:1 CPDV

1  These are the last words of David. Now David, the son of Jesse, the man to whom it was appointed concerning the Christ of the God of Jacob, the preeminent psalmist of Israel said:

2  'The Spirit of the Lord has spoken through me, and his word was spoken through my tongue.

3  The God of Israel spoke to me, the Strong One of Israel spoke, the Ruler of men, the Just Ruler, in the fear of God,

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