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2 Samuel 22:27 CPDV

2 Sam 22:27 CPDV, 2 Sa 22:27 CPDV, 2S 22:27 CPDV, II Sa 22:27 CPDV, 2 Sm 22:27 CPDV, 2Sa 22:27 CPDV, II Sam 22:27 CPDV, 2Sam 22:27 CPDV, II Samuel 22:27 CPDV, 2Samuel 22:27 CPDV, 2nd Samuel 22:27 CPDV, Second Samuel 22:27 CPDV, 2 Samuel 22 27 CPDV

2 Samuel 22:27 CPDV

25  And the Lord will recompense me according to my justice, and according to the cleanness of my hands in the sight of his eyes.

26  With the holy one, you will be holy, and with the strong one, you will be perfect.

27  With the elect one, you will be elect, and with the perverse one, you will be perverse.

28  And you will bring to salvation the poor people, and you will humble the exalted with your eyes.

29  For you are my lamp, O Lord. And you, O Lord, will illuminate my darkness.

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