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2 Kings 11:8 CPDV

2 Kgs 11:8 CPDV, 2 Ki 11:8 CPDV, 2K 11:8 CPDV, II Kgs 11:8 CPDV, 2Kgs 11:8 CPDV, II Ki 11:8 CPDV, 2Ki 11:8 CPDV, II Kings 11:8 CPDV, 2Kings 11:8 CPDV, 2nd Kgs 11:8 CPDV, 2nd Kings 11:8 CPDV, Second Kings 11:8 CPDV, Second Kgs 11:8 CPDV, 2Kin 11:8 CPDV, 2 Kings 11 8 CPDV

2 Kings 11:8 CPDV

6  Let one third part of you enter on the Sabbath, and keep watch on the house of the king. And let one third part be at the gate of Sur. And let one third part be at the gate behind the dwelling place of the shield bearers. And you shall keep the watch on the house of Mesha.

7  Yet truly, let two parts of you, all who depart on the Sabbath, keep watch over the house of the Lord concerning the king.

8  And you shall surround him, having weapons in your hands. But if anyone will have entered the precinct of the temple, let him be killed. And you shall be with the king, entering and departing.'

9  And the centurions acted in accord with all the things that Jehoiada, the priest, had instructed them. And taking each one of their men who would enter on the Sabbath, with those who would depart on the Sabbath, they went to Jehoiada, the priest.

10  And he gave to them the spears and weapons of king David, which were in the house of the Lord.

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