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Song of Solomon 1:14 BBE

Song 1:14 BBE, So 1:14 BBE, Canticle of Canticles 1:14 BBE, Canticles 1:14 BBE, Song of Songs 1:14 BBE, SOS 1:14 BBE, Song of Solomon 1 14 BBE

Song of Solomon 1:14 BBE

12  While the king is seated at his table, my spices send out their perfume.

13  As a bag of myrrh is my well-loved one to me, when he is at rest all night between my breasts.

14  My love is to me as a branch of the cypress-tree in the vine-gardens of En-gedi.

15  See, you are fair, my love, you are fair; you have the eyes of a dove.

16  See, you are fair, my loved one, and a pleasure; our bed is green.

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