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Romans 14:2 BBE

Rom 14:2 BBE, Ro 14:2 BBE, Rm 14:2 BBE, Romans 14 2 BBE

Romans 14:2 BBE

1  Do not put on one side him who is feeble in faith, and do not put him in doubt by your reasonings.

2  One man has faith to take all things as food: another who is feeble in faith takes only green food.

3  Let not him who takes food have a low opinion of him who does not: and let not him who does not take food be a judge of him who does; for he has God's approval.

4  Who are you to make yourself a judge of another man's servant? it is to his master that he is responsible for good or bad. Yes, his place will be safe, because the Lord is able to keep him from falling.

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