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Revelation 19:3 BBE

Rev 19:3 BBE, Re 19:3 BBE, The Revelation 19 3 BBE, Revelation 19 3 BBE

Revelation 19:3 BBE

1  After these things there came to my ears a sound like the voice of a great band of people in heaven, saying, Praise to the Lord; salvation and glory and power be to our God:

2  For true and upright are his decisions; for by him has the evil woman been judged, who made the earth unclean with the sins of her body; and he has given her punishment for the blood of his servants.

3  And again they said, Praise to the Lord. And her smoke went up for ever and ever.

4  And the four and twenty rulers and the four beasts went down on their faces and gave worship to God who was seated on the high seat, saying, Even so, praise to the Lord.

5  And a voice came from the high seat, saying, Give praise to our God, all you his servants, small and great, in whom is the fear of him.

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